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The main aim of BuyRainbow is to offer you all the quality products which Rainbow Enterprises sell right now at a reasonable price in an online platform. With this online shop being established you can choose and purchase your preferred product from anywhere in Maldives conveniently.

History of Rainbow Enterprises

Rainbow Enterprises Pvt. Ltd (REPL) registered in 1990 had its origin in the building industry. The founding shareholders of Rainbow were the group who started the first registered architectural and engineering firm in Maldives. This company, Tekton Design Associates Pvt. Ltd, registered in 1988 is even now one of the leading design firms in Maldives and still remains a close associate of Rainbow Enterprises although is quite independent with new shareholders and management team.

The founders of Rainbow Enterprises, with their knowledge of the building industry in Maldives at that time and the need for various specialized services in the sector paved the way for registering the company.

Our Goals & Objectives

The main aim of Rainbow Enterprises was to enter into various businesses related to building industry. Therefore the company started business in trading in building materials and furniture. Rainbow Enterprises owns various outlets for selling the range of products dealt by them and also sells its products to the outer islands with a distribution network.

Over the past years Rainbow Enterprises has branched out into various related businesses by forming new companies of its own as well as joint partnerships. The following table gives the list of associated and subsidiary companies of Rainbow Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

Associated & Subsidiary Companies Location Year of incorporation Line of Business
Rainbow Aluminium Pvt. Ltd. Malé, Maldives 1995 Fabrication of aluminium Doors, windows, curtain walls & cladding.
Maldives Structural Products Pvt. Ltd. ( Joint Venture of REPL & State Trading Organization PLC) Malé, Maldives 2000 Roll forming of roofing  sheets and supply of  roofing accessories
Rainbow Construction Pvt. Ltd. Malé, Maldives 2002 Construction and project management
Intek Systems Pvt. Ltd. Malé, Maldives 2003 Software Development and Software marketing.
Rainland Developers Pvt Ltd Malé, Maldives 2011 Real estate Business
Rainbow Investments Pvt Ltd Malé, Maldives 2019 Supermarket/Retails operation in FMCG Category