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SIZE: 190X105X20 CM

TED represents you the Favourite Nova Orthopedic Mattress of TED Bed Collection. This supreme mattress is awarded 100 points quality score, guaranteed by LGA Laboratories in Germany. It is a totally practical and comfortable mattress and is the best-selling model in this class of mattresses. Favorite Nova Orthopedic Mattress is registered by the Executive Agency of “Medicines” in Bulgaria.

It is the first mattress that has the intelligent technology of i-Springs Super Comfort for precise maintenance & balance of the body and 7 zones of comfort. More than 400 multi-pocket springs per sq.m. respond to every movement, without transferring it to the neighboring points. The high-quality memory foam layer of this unique mattress, which is stitched into the luxury antistatic-treated TED Balance textile, brings further comfort and softness to the entire body. TED Balance fabric contains bamboo, cotton and polyester threads of excellent quality. The extreme ventilation of Favourite Nova Orthopedic Mattress has the ability to prevent the growth of microorganisms and to provide a clean sleep environment with optimum body temperature.

An orthopedic mattress can help you in many ways towards achieving the restful sleep you deserve and the Favourite Nova Orthopedic Mattress of TED Bed Collection is the answer!

Main characteristics:

  • Multi Pocket Spring Unit
  • Polyurethane foam
  • High-quality TED Balance textiles with antistatic treatment
  • Memory foam
  • PU foam
  • i-Springs Super Comfort technology
  • Nonwoven textiles
  • 20 cm (+/-1cm)
Favorite Nova
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