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SIZE: 195X120X16 CM

Height: 16 cm (+/-1cm)

Materials: polyurethane foam, high quality textiles (100PES), fibers, memory foam, nonwoven textiles.

The practical choice for admirers of non-spring mattresses. The ergonomic core of elastic foam provides proper support for the spine without pressure on muscles during sleep.

The layer of memory foam specially added in the cover creates comfortable softness and pleasant relaxing effect for the body.

Solo Memory New is part of the SOLO Concept a range of roll-packed mattresses that offer superb quality and comfort at competitive price. The flexible foam core adapts to the silhouette of the body, while providing stable support during sleep. For additional comfort, a special memory foam layer is quilted on one side of the mattress, eliminating any pressure points from the weight of the body and offering two surfaces with different feel of softness. The fabric is high-quality and easy-to-maintain.

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